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Reno+Sparks Chamber of Commerce announces Panasonic Energy as new official Ribbon-Cutting Sponsor (sponsored)


The Reno+Sparks Chamber of Commerce announces Panasonic Energy as its new ribbon-cutting sponsor. Panasonic Energy, a global leader in innovative energy solutions, has long been committed to contributing positively to the communities it operates in. By partnering with the Reno+Sparks Chamber of Commerce, Panasonic aims to enhance the visibility and success of local businesses through ribbon-cuttings designed to celebrate new beginnings and milestones. 

“We welcome Panasonic Energy as our new ribbon-cutting sponsor. Their commitment to innovation and community aligns with our mission to support local businesses. This partnership will bring value to our members and the broader business community,” said Brian Bosma, Vice President of Partners and Programs at the Reno+Sparks Chamber of Commerce.

“Panasonic Energy is excited to partner with the Reno+Sparks Chamber of Commerce as its official ribbon-cutting sponsor. We believe in the power of community and are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of local businesses. This sponsorship reflects our commitment to fostering strong, vibrant communities,” said Jabarry Goodridge, HR Strategy and Culture at Panasonic Energy.

About Panasonic Energy

Panasonic Energy is a leading provider of innovative energy solutions, committed to creating a sustainable and prosperous future. With a focus on community engagement and corporate responsibility, Panasonic Energy strives to make a positive impact wherever it operates.

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Incorporated in 1919, the Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in Northern Nevada. The Chamber is the voice for business in Washoe County by focusing on the three pillars of value: advocacy on behalf of all businesses, information and education for members and connectivity with members and consumers.