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Tasteful Tangle opens on Kings Row


New Reno business Tasteful Tangle opened at the end of March. From a small space in Viewcrest Shopping Center on Kings Row, Tasteful Tangle offers quick-grab meals of restaurant quality. And while there are a couple of small tables inside, it’s not set up as a full restaurant, so the emphasis appears to be on those coming in for pickup, using apps like GrubHub and ChowNow, or calling the restaurant directly to order. Of course, one can walk in and place an order at the counter just as easily.

I decided to have the authentic experience and order pickup from Tasteful Tangle, the way I assume most diners do. The menu for a small space like this was both impressive and extensive, offering everything from breaded Scotch eggs to flatbread pizzas, creative comfort-style bowls to burgers and warm sandwiches.

A menu with a smash burger is always a friend of mine. To me, something about those thin, loosely formed patties just tastes better than a standard burger. And the one here is no exception. Choose between a single and a double, and then load it with melted cheddar cheese, pickled onions, tomatoes, lettuce and house dressing—a bit of a Thousand Island-style—all atop a brioche bun.

A burger and fries at Tasteful Tangle, which opened at the end of March.
A burger and fries at Tasteful Tangle, which opened at the end of March. Nora Tarte / THIS IS RENO.

Online ordering systems have a big perk—customization becomes easy. Add-on prices are listed so it’s simple to see the final cost and to understand the full breadth of options. Choose from hearty additions like avocado and bacon, or simple ingredients like double cheese and jalapeños. Meals also typically come with a side of French fries, seasoned steak fries with your choice of dip from ground honey mustard to cheese sauce. One can even choose how a burger is cooked. 

As mentioned, the burger is just the tip of the iceberg. Grilled chicken sandwiches, avocado egg rolls, polenta fries with marinara and truffle mascarpone—the entire menu seems to be a curious mix of hearty lunch staples and creative dishes you may not find anywhere else nearby.

Tangle flatbread chips served with jalapeño cheese add a bit of spice to the meal as an appetizer or one can share a pickled plate with friends, including deliciously pickled carrots, cauliflower, red onions, jalapeños and cucumbers. 

As if the menu didn’t seem varied enough, there’s also a heavy focus on protein shakes. Flavors include dessert-flavored options like a chocolate peanut butter shake to fruit-forward tastes like the Bashful Berries. Each comes with protein powder, and they offer milk alternatives. The true dessert claim to fame, however, is the Tangle Flatbread Brown Sugar Crumble, a deep-fried flatbread served with cream cheese frosting and a brown sugar crumble.

The service, overall, is fast enough. My food was ready before the allotted time. And the eatery was simple and clean. As mentioned, there are a couple of small corner tables for those who choose to eat inside, plus non-alcoholic drinks. But my feeling is most people are grabbing lunch and dinner to take home or back to the office. And with an eclectic menu, it appears to be a crowd-pleaser for large groups and picky families, even donning a few light bites to cater to kids or those with a smaller appetite (think two chicken fingers with fries and sauce, a PB&J with a touch of Nutella, or a single Scotch egg wrapped in sausage, breaded and fried). 

To order, head to the website tastefultangle.com and choose a platform. Or avoid the drive to Kings Rows and have food brought to you using any of the major platforms available in your area. 


Nora Tarte
Nora Tarte
Nora Heston Tarte is a long-time Reno resident living on the southside of town. In addition to food, her hobbies include wine, hiking, yoga and travel. She is also the managing editor of a regional, lifestyle publication and freelances for other publications most frequently in the travel space. Nora received her bachelor's in Journalism from California State University, Sacramento before graduating from University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a master’s in Professional Journalism. You can follow her travel adventures, and local exploits, on her Instagram account @wanderlust_n_wine.




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