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Opinion: Running for governor doesn’t require a background check, while working for the governor does


Candidates typically aren’t subjected to background checks, and even if elected only a few face further scrutiny. According to Jamie Rodriguez, the former Washoe County Registrar of Voters, the Registrar has “no authority to deny anyone the right to file,” even if they live outside of the district they intend to represent. 

It is up to voters or the opposition to challenge the qualifications of candidates. As a citizen of Nevada with a passion for campaigns and elections, I have spoken to hundreds of voters in my state in order to determine how they view transparency in politics.

Over 90% believe background checks are conducted on political candidates. Clearly, this lack of
transparency is never publicized by political candidates.

It took over a year of pressure on the House of Representatives to expel Rep. George Santos,
despite his extensive record of mishandling finances. The process of recalling elected officials is
tedious. Lawsuits filed against candidates for fraud are costly and time-consuming. Unsavory
information should be revealed prior to the election–the length of terms for a Senator in six years.
Years of mishandled power could be remedied by a prior background check.

Voting is like hiring someone–it has to be a match for the best outcomes. Using reliable, nonpartisan resources will give you the best chance of making a wise decision when it comes to voting. The future of democracy depends on an informed public, so choose wisely. 

Jody Baden of Reno, Nevada

Jody Baden (AKA Ruggiero) is a former WCSD Trustee who advocates for candidate transparency and promotes voter confidence through verified background checks for political candidates.

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