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Aerial mosquito treatment to begin May 16 


The area’s first mosquito prevention treatment of the year is planned for May 16, officials at Northern Nevada Public Health said this week. The application will be dropped by helicopter and will happen early in the morning.

NNPH officials said areas to be treated include the north valleys, Spanish Springs and south Reno. The treatment uses small pellets that are dropped in wetland areas and target mosquito larvae to prevent them from becoming adults. Officials said the pellets are environmentally friendly.

Additional mosquito treatments will be dropped in hard-to-reach land areas by drone throughout the spring and summer. NNPH’s Vector Borne Disease program has been training for the past year to run the program. The treatments will be the same pellets dropped by the helicopter and will be distributed away from homes, businesses and other buildings. 

Mosquito abatement is intended to help slow or prevent the spread of West Nile Virus which can cause headache, high fever, stiff neck, disorientation, coma, paralysis and death. 

NNPH officials said those spending time near the region’s wetlands should wear loose-fitting clothing with long sleeves or pants and use insect repellent. Mosquitos are most active during the morning and evening hours.


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