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Eat your veggies! A bite-sized look at Nevada’s plant-based cuisine scene (sponsored)


Restaurants all over the Silver State—and increasingly in rural areas—are offering locally grown foods with a focus on vegetarian and/or vegan-oriented menus. Here are a few tasty offerings you’ll find:


It’s no surprise the Oasis of Nevada is known for its farm-to-fork cuisine. Farms occupy tens of thousands of acres in the verdant valley, providing an agricultural bounty that is easily found in many restaurants. 

Pro Trip: If you’re in Reno, make it a day-long trip. The drive from Reno to Fallon will take you a little over an hour (62.6 miles to be exact). 

Lattin Farms  

For five generations, Rick Lattin and his family have maintained one of Nevada’s largest organic farming operations. The farm is known for its tomatoes, berries, peppers, and squash, but their signature crop is the Hearts of Gold cantaloupe—an award-winning melon that is the namesake of Fallon’s greatest event — the Fallon Cantaloupe Festival & Country Fair. Lattin Farms is passionate about bringing farm-fresh produce to the community, and visitors are encouraged to stop by their incredible café, bakery, and produce stand.  

Maine Street Café 

For almost 15 years, this homegrown restaurant has adapted to the ever-changing landscape of food trends. Maine Street’s Chef Wenceslao Sandoval has more than 26 years of experience at four- and five-star restaurants, and he incorporates the café’s garden produce into a delicious and eclectic menu.  

Slanted Porch

The Slanted Porch seems as if it were plucked out of a trendy urban neighborhood and dropped into rural Nevada. The loving detail that went into remodeling the 1908 residence into a trendy Fallon restaurant can also be found in the locally sourced food. Produce makes the less-than-4-mile trip from Lattin Farms, and beef is hand-selected from Fallon’s H5 Ranch. Even the delectable homemade potato chips come from potatoes grown at Fallon’s Workman Farms. 


On a quiet stretch of U.S. Route 95 — AKA the Free-Range Art highway — along the Walker River Indian Reservation, an unassuming coffee shop beckons. Before entering, visitors may think they are in for a normal cup of joe, but one step inside this small sanctuary and you know you’re in for something special. 

Next Evolution Coffee Shop

Andrea Martinez sought to provide her small community with healthy organic food and drink options. Her menu is focused on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, an unusual choice for the former burger joint, but one that’s paid off. Regulars love the fresh fruit smoothies, beet juice shots, acai bowls, sandwiches, and coffee sourced from an American Indian family-owned Nevada business. A drive-through window conveniently delivers colorful smoothies, wickedly delicious coffee drinks, and flavorful organic sandwiches to hungry patrons.


The opportunities to eat whatever your heart desires are rife in Las Vegas. Finding farm-fresh, plant-based foods is easy, but a couple standout choices include:  


Locations in Downtown Las Vegas and Henderson serve flavorful fare that just happens to be meatless—not the other way around. Try the “chicken” pot pie gnocchi garnished with pie crust; classic Vietnamese pho loaded with seasonal vegetables; or pizza topped with vegan sausage, jalapeños, and pineapple. 


Those looking to add more plants to their diet should head to NoButcher’s bustling community table. Some great items to try: “Pulled NoPork” sandwich, “NoEgg” sandwich, and the “NoTuna” sandwich. 

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