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RSV cases surge for another week


Cases of RSV surged over the past week bringing the county’s total number of cases to more than 1,000 since October, according to officials at Washoe County Health District. 

RSV, short for respiratory syncytial virus, has been spreading through the community at a much faster pace than in past years. Health officials say this RSV season, which typically goes from October through May, will soon overtake the 2021-22 RSV season which saw 1,043 cases. 

A total of 263 new cases of RSV were reported within the last week, WCHD officials said. 

The supply of pediatric hospital beds remains at or near capacity across the state, officials with Nevada Hospital Association said, with about 20% of pediatric hospitalizations related to the virus. 

The surge of RSV is happening at the same time flu, COVID-19 and the common cold are spreading across the community. 

Symptoms of RSV are mild for most, but can be far more serious for infants and the elderly. 

Infants are more susceptible to the virus because they lack a fully developed ability to breath through their mouths. Plugged noses mean difficulty breathing, especially when they are feeding.

Most people recover from RSV within one to two weeks. 

Health officials urge people to take precautions not to spread RSV and other viruses by avoiding close contact with sick people, washing hands with soap and water often, avoid touching faces, and staying home if you are sick. 

Source: WHCD

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