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Dept. of Administration director exits after not being reappointed by incoming Gov. Lombardo


The director of the state’s Department of Administration Laura Freed this week announced in an email she was not reappointed to the position by incoming Gov. Joe Lombardo. 

“I was not reappointed as Director by the incoming administration,” she wrote in an email. “I understand that this might be concerning for you, and you are probably wondering who will take over and when. Unfortunately, I do not know.”

She went on to say she was unaware of other staff changes that occur at the department.

“However, I seriously doubt that any of your division administrators will change,” Freed added. “Please do your best to support them, as they are dedicated public servants and I thank them for working with me these last couple of years.”

Lombardo’s campaign did not respond to This Is Reno by the time of publication.

Freed’s announcement came in the wake of other key director exits. Wildlife, energy, employment and transportation directors each announced their resignations after Gov. Steve Sisolak lost to Lombardo in November’s general election.

“I regret that I cannot tell you more about what to expect come January,” Freed said. “All I can say is it has been an enormous privilege to serve as Director, and that I will miss the work and miss you all. 

“Keep doing the good work you do to serve our customers and please know that if you weren’t here to do it, the state would not function as well as it does. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.”

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