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October declared Arts & Humanities Month in Nevada


Submitted by Nevada Humanities

Nevada Humanities and the Nevada Arts Council are pleased to announce that on Sept. 26, 2022, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak released an official proclamation declaring October as Arts and Humanities Month in Nevada.

This proclamation recognizes that the work of Nevada Humanities and the Nevada Arts Council, representing hundreds of cultural organizations across the state, is necessary to all the people of Nevada and states that Nevada, through the continued work of Nevada Humanities and the Nevada Arts Council, celebrates “the value and importance of culture in the lives of Nevadans and the health of thriving communities.”

On a national level, President Joe Biden issued a proclamation on Sept. 30, 2022, designating October as National Arts and Humanities Month and re-established the President’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities. President Biden’s proclamation recognizes the importance of the humanities, arts, and museum and library services in advancing equity, accessibility, and opportunities for all Americans across the country, uniting Americans through the cultural awareness and connectivity found through the arts and humanities.

President Biden’s proclamation on National Arts and Humanities Month is available at neh.gov.

In celebration of Arts and Humanities Month, both Nevada Humanities and the Nevada Arts Council hosted a variety of events across the state to celebrate the arts and humanities.

Nevada Humanities programs and events in October included Heart to Heart: Our Pandemic Stories exhibition; Las Vegas Writes; Owyhee: Reclaiming Land, Language, and Community; and other events organized and hosted by grantee organizations.

In tendem, Nevada Arts Council programs and events in October included the Three Penny Opera presented by Vegas City Opera’s Children’s Chorus, the Sprat x Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art Partnership for a new series of intergenerational art workshops and their three Nevada Touring Initiative exhibits on display throughout Nevada.

“Arts and Humanities Month in Nevada highlights how important the arts and humanities are to Nevadans across the state. The arts and humanities, which are closely intertwined, infuse our lives with meaning and creativity and are key to how we share our stories and identities,” says Christina Barr, executive director of Nevada Humanities.

“As Nevada’s humanities council, Nevada Humanities’ programs amplify the stories, experiences, and creative expressions of Nevadans, bringing local culture and lifelong education to the forefront of the Nevada experience. This is critical for nurturing a vibrant, resilient quality of life within the Silver State and also for visitors who come to Nevada seeking experiences that are uniquely found here,” she added. “I am also excited about our long-standing partnership with the Nevada Arts Council – together we help Nevadans thrive.”

Tony Manfredi, executive director of the Nevada Arts Council, added that National Arts and Humanities Month allows organizations to shine a month-long spotlight on the intrinsic and essential benefits that arts and humanities provide year-round.

“Arts and humanities strengthen Nevada by providing our economy the foundation for creativity and innovation, creating jobs in multiple industries, driving tourism, and providing rich artistic experiences for our citizens. From our rural towns to big cities, they strengthen the fabric of our communities celebrating the local culture of both cherished and new traditions,” Manfredi said.

He added that the therapeutic effect the arts can have are significant.

“The arts and the humanities are some of the most effective treatments for trauma, depression, and anxiety including among our state’s veterans, and they strengthen education by closing the achievement gap and improving test scores in our classrooms, and sparking human potential, cognitive development, and readiness to learn at any age.”

Arts and Humanities Month in Nevada and National Arts & Humanities Month are celebrated every October and recognize the importance of culture and the arts in creating and sustaining healthy communities, uplifting individual’s wellbeing, upholding a viable democracy, and connecting cultures across the country.

To learn more about the arts and culture events happening throughout the year, visit Nevada Humanities online at nevadahumanities.org/calendar or Nevada Arts Council at nvartscouncil.org/events.

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