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PHOTOS: Those crazy camels in Virginia City


If you missed them this year, you’ll just have to wait until 2023 for the 64th annual International Camel & Ostrich Races in Virginia City.

This wild and crazy event is exactly as it sounds: people hop on the backs of camels and ostriches and see who can cross the finish line first. And it’s a natural fit for Virginia City, home to Nevada’s Comstock Lode, Mark Twain and a slew of other crazy events that set it apart.

This Is Reno photographer Cesar Lopez headed up Geiger Grade over the weekend and shares this gallery of photos from the event.

Correction: Next year, 2023, will be the 64th annual races, not the 44th as originally printed.

Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez is from Reno and is an award-winning street photographer. He is also a co-host for the podcast and radio show, Up in the Mix. He gets his inspiration from his travels and his love of music.