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GOP candidates endorse Democrat Lyngar for County Commission (updated)


UPDATE Sept. 10, 2022: Washoe County County Commission candidate Ed Lyngar on Friday announced former Commissioner Joanne Bond endorsed his candidacy for Ward 5, the district Bond also represented.

“I’ve known Ed for many years, and he cares about this community and the people who live here,” she said in a press release. “It’s time to stop bringing partisanship into county politics. These races should be about helping voters and managing good government.”

Bond is a republican. Lyngar, a Democrat, said Republicans support his campaign because many of them are also disgusted by extremists in parts of the Republican Party.

“I took an oath to serve my country when I joined the military, but I’ve never pledged my loyalty to any political party,” Lyngar said. “I am alarmed at the division and anger in our community, stoked by disinformation and mindless partisanship. I’ll put all my efforts into addressing the concerns of voters, regardless of party affiliation.”

Below is the original story from July 6, 2022.

This story has been updated to include comment from Commissioner Jeanne Herman.

Edwin Lyngar, candidate for Washoe County’s Board of Commissioners, announced today that both Republican challengers for the commission’s District 5 have endorsed him in his bid to unseat Republican incumbent Jeanne Herman.

Richard Molezzo and Wendy Leonard said they endorse Lyngar over Herman.

“There has been an ugly strain of divisiveness at the local level,” Leonard said. “We have so much opportunity in Washoe County, and it’s a shame to see the commission being hijacked by nonstop anger and partisanship. Ed has listened, and he’s displayed a willingness to compromise and look at issues with reason and evidence, rather than partisan vitriol.”  

Leonard, at a recent county commission meeting, congratulated Herman after Leonard lost to her in the primary.

Wendy Leonard

“I’d like you to keep in mind that 54.6% of voters voted against you,” she said during public comment. “I’d like you to take that seriously. It is something that speaks very loudly to the fact that many of the public and many of your constituents are not happy with the job you are doing.”

She further chastised Herman for being supported by far-right conspiracy theorists pushing falsehoods about election security.

“Please remove Robert Beadles’ hand from your rectum long enough to stop being puppeteered and to do your job,” she added. “I would like to see Californians who are wealthy, who are doing nothing more than trying to control local politicians be ousted from this area.”

Beadles, from Lodi, Calif., is funding far-right candidates and candidates who allege voter fraud, as well as failed and rescinded recalls of two local politicians.

“We need a new commissioner for District 5, and Ed is responsive to the needs of everyone in Washoe County, regardless of party. He’s going to bring competence back to that seat,” said Molezzo, local attorney and former Republican candidate for District 5. 

Lyngar said he was grateful for the support.

“I think people want solutions, rather than nonstop fighting and paralysis,” he said. “I am so honored and humbled by the GOP support I’ve received, and I promise to listen to and honor every member of this community, partisan affiliation be damned.” 

Herman, who responded five days after This Is Reno reached out, said that during an election nothing surprises her.

“There is a saying about politics making strange bedfellows, and this appears to be one of those situations,” she said. “I believe in free speech, and I do not control nor am I responsible for the actions of any person other than myself.”

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