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Downtown scavenger hunt brings Mad Hatter-style fun (photos)

By Eric Marks
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The streets of downtown Reno were turned into a giant “escape-room-style experience” on Saturday with participants solving clues which “get curiouser and curiouser, take on mad and mischievous challenges, and uncover a dark conspiracy at the heart of Wonderland” according to the events website CluedUpp Games.

People of all ages adorned Wonderland-themed costumes and used a Pokemon Go-style app to chase down clues in their quest. Two players, both age 14, said they were playing because “solving puzzles is fun.” While 42-year-old “Kyle” said it was a fun idea for the family to get dressed up and run around and have fun.

Another group of teenaged players informed This Is Reno that they had just “gone to the cook who told us that a piglet stole his pepper grinder, so we have to find the piglet, get the pepper grinder, bring it back to the cook in exchange for a cake that we had to put the pepper on, to give to the Hatter, who told us to go see Humpty Dumpty, who directed them towards the Hare, after they put him back together.”

More information about upcoming October Alice In Wonderland Reno event can be found on the CluedUpp website https://www.cluedupp.com/products/alice-reno-nv.

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