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Reno Green Dining establishments announced (sponsored)


greenUP! and the Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce announced today that they are working together to encourage Chamber member restaurants to focus on greening their operations. The flagship Green Dining establishments for this new initiative include Squeeze In, Great Full Gardens and the Great Basin Brewing Company restaurant locations throughout Reno and Sparks. Other Chamber member restaurants are expected to join the movement.

greenUP! first started a green dining district in Carson City in 2019. Donna Walden, President of greenUP! said, “These restaurants being announced already have a large commitment to sustainability which is evident by the practices observed at their establishments. We feel that the greater Reno community is ready to see improvement across the industry in terms of reducing food waste and plastic pollution. We desire to make Reno a more sustainable community and this green business effort contributes towards helping Nevada reach its climate action goals.”

Ann Silver, CEO said, “The Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce is one of our communities’ leading advocates for the transition to a clean energy economy. We support green business practices in every sector and restaurants have much to offer in terms of reducing food and other waste that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. We know that green certified restaurants will draw more environmentally conscious customers and create greater efficiencies in their daily operations”.

Mark Estee, owner of the Reno Local Food Group which includes Great Basin Brewing Company, said, “Reducing waste and becoming more and more sustainable takes hard work, dedication, and a commitment to being better every day. The same way we are dedicated to local and seasonal food and independent award-winning craft beer, we are dedicated to making this work with greenUP!, the Chamber of Commerce, participating restaurants and YOU the consumer who supports us with your patronage.”

Gino Scala, Founder/Owner of Great Full Gardens said, “We are honored to participate in the Green Dining greenUP! program with the Chamber of Commerce & our fellow restaurant companies. It takes a committed community to make a difference in supporting sustainability for our Mother Earth. Let’s work together as restaurant companies to do as much as we can to set the example and keep this planet beautiful.”

Shila Morris, Co-owner of Squeeze In said, “We are proud to stand alongside organizations and efforts that help keep our home state environmentally friendly, and we’re excited about helping greenUP! be a huge success right here in our hometown!”

“Our ultimate goal is to get hundreds of restaurants certified as green businesses across the state,” commented Walden. The Nevada Green Business Program is free to businesses and assistance is provided to help their efforts that save energy and water, reduce waste, prevent pollution, and implement better commute options. Once certified, businesses are promoted and can be found on a statewide green business directory.

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