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Jehovah’s Witnesses end pandemic pause with ‘cart witnessing’

By Kristen Hackbarth
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Jehovah’s Witnesses this week will give new meaning to the phrase “Jesus take the wheel,” as they take to the streets across Nevada with rolling carts of religious literature.

The move is a return to public evangelism after a pandemic pause in door-to-door preaching. They call it “cart witnessing.”

“We have kept busy during this pandemic, reaching our neighbors by letters and phone calls,” Jamie Dunjey, a local spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses said. “Now we are excited to move on to the next phase, our in-person public ministry.”

A member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses carries a sign for the church’s website in Warsaw, Poland in March 2022 as Ukrainian refugees fled across the border to escape a Russian invasion of their country. Image: Ty O’Neil / This Is Reno

The rolling carts launched in 2011 in New York City – perhaps because they were more practical in a city of high rises – and now there are more than 165,000 rolling carts loaded with the organization’s Bible-based literature around the world.

People with the church were even seen in Poland and Ukraine where refugees were fleeing a Russian invasion in March of this year.

Earning converts to the religion isn’t necessarily the goal, but it’s welcomed. One source estimates one new convert takes 6,500 hours of activity or visits to 740 households. Let’s hope they have good wheels on those carts.

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