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An open letter to Ward 5, from Elliot Malin (opinion)


Elliot Malin

Submitted by Elliot Malin, finalist for Ward 5 Reno City Council seat

In an effort to be transparent, open, and honest with you, my neighbors, I wanted to be forthcoming with who I am and what I do. Since graduating from the University of Nevada I’ve worked within Nevada’s political world. From campaigns to lobbying in Carson City. 

Naturally, there will be questions about my career and potential conflicts of interest. It is only fair that I address those, so you know where I’m coming from, and what I plan to do. I want to be transparent about what I’ve done throughout my advocacy career. 

My passion is working to make our community and state better for all of us. In 2019 I was fortunate to have a legislator sponsor AB 319. We worked with policymakers and groups across the spectrum bringing a broad coalition together to pass this bill meant to restore opportunity for those with past criminal convictions. Our state no longer can reject people from a license to work for a criminal conviction unless there is a good cause to do so. I keep this bill framed on my wall as a reminder of what I feel called to do: help others. 

Recently I worked to pass Holocaust and Genocide education in AB 231 and now serve as the chair of the subcommittee within the Nevada Department of Education the bill created. Our mission is to review the status of Holocaust and Genocide education within the state in a way that brings to the forefront education relating to the Armenian, Cambodian, Darfur, Guatemalan, Rwandan, and other genocides. Teaching others about the horrors of these atrocities is key to a more inclusive and bright future. 

I’ve also worked on legislation that raised funds for environmental cleanup for oil spills in Nevada and supported the expansion of electrification throughout the state. This aspires to provide an opportunity for greater access to personal electric vehicles and a sustainable transportation network. Further, I’ve worked with both progressive and conservative leaders to expand reforms within our criminal justice system in an attempt to enhance the restoration of rights for those previously incarcerated. 

With that background in mind, I make this commitment to you that if selected as your next Reno City Council member, I will be taking a significant step back from lobbying. There must not be any impropriety or conflicts of interest in my representation of you, my neighbors in Ward 5. 

An important lesson I learned throughout my career is how important it is to work with others, be part of a team, not go it alone, and to compromise to find the best solution moving forward. 

I also will commit to listening and hearing all, making sure that each person has the opportunity to have their voice heard on what matters to them and always give them the respect they deserve. 

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished for the good of others so far, but there’s more to do to make Reno the best city it can be for everyone.

Elliot Malin is one of the three finalists for appointment to the Reno City Council to represent Ward 5. He’s lived in the ward for over a decade and is a two-time graduate of the University of Nevada.

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