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Letters to the editor: July 16, 2022


The following letters to the editor were submitted to This Is Reno over the past week:

Dear Editor,

As we move into General Election season, it’s possible Mike Clark could become County Commissioner for Washoe County Commission District 2. I have followed the news closely regarding Mike Clark and am, quite frankly, perturbed and disgusted at the possibility of him becoming a Washoe County Commissioner.

He has a laundry list of allegations and complaints against him, including an active temporary restraining order against him by a County employee, utilizing a false return address in a mass-mailer campaign, and undervaluing property at his businesses as County Assessor.

It’s clear that Mike Clark is ethically-challenged, if not dangerous and vindictive.

Regarding the mass mailer he sent out, Justice of the Peace Richard Glasson wrote that Clark’s actions amounted to “sexualization of a County employee (and were) fetishistic, sexist, inappropriate” and “the content was altogether creepy, disturbing.”

He isn’t even allowed at the Washoe County complex unless escorted by security. How would he manage to complete his duties as Commissioner? Personally, this is not the kind of person that I want representing me and making decisions on my behalf as a Washoe County citizen.

For these reasons, I’m wholeheartedly throwing my support behind Keith Lockard. Mr. Lockard has spent over a quarter century planning and facilitating the building of streets, highways, outdoor recreational spaces, walking paths, libraries and more in Washoe County where he has spent most of his life. He believes in responsive and transparent government, fostering well-managed and sustainable growth, and prioritizing human services.

Mr. Lockard will be a County Commissioner who will listen, learn and lead. Unlike his opponent, Mr. Lockard will be focused on the real issues in Washoe County and will not partake in unethical actions to further his own agenda.

Submitted by Jessica Adams

Dear Editor,

Here is the reason Kyle Isacksen lost: Mariluz Garcia raised $80,000 from developers, casino owners, and other monied interests who knew a Democrat would take this seat [for Washoe County Commissioner District 3] and so they anointed her. And they waited until after the first campaign report was due before showering her with that money so it would not become the deciding issue in the campaign. 

That Garcia, who never used the words “environment” or “climate” in her website, was also endorsed by the Nevada Conservation League gave her the cover of green. 

Kyle and Katy worked harder than anyone I’ve seen in years. I hope he’ll run for office again and I know we will be there to support them.

Going forward, if Ed Lyngar (please join me in donating to his campaign) defeats Judy Herman, there will be a 3-2 Democratic majority on the Washoe County Commission, possibly for the first time ever. We have got to hold their feet to the fire to make sure decisions are made for the common good and to thwart the developers and others who have used the Commission to pursue their business goals, the public be damned.

Submitted by Bob Fulkerson

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