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Nobody will work harder than Kyle Isacksen (sponsored)


We in northern Nevada are blessed to live among the last of the best of what’s left when it comes to wild and open spaces.

But in the 62 years I have lived here, the water cress, wild onion, wetlands and other signs of the natural abundance that kept Washoe and Paiute people nourished here for millennia have all but disappeared, along with vast swaths of wildlife habitat as evidenced by the tragic decline of the once-mighty Loyalton-Truckee deer herd.

During that time, we have also seen a rapid decline and disinvestment in public goods such as schools, parks, pools, libraries and other hallmarks of a healthy community.

It’s well past time to elect people who will stand up to the ruling class of developers, landlords, lobbyists and bankers in our area who view the county commission as an appendage of their own affairs.

That’s why I am supporting Kyle Isacksen for County Commission. Kyle has a proven track record of working with community leaders to solve problems related to housing, parks, schools and other things that make a place special.

Nobody will work harder to ensure we and our kids and grandkids have a better shot at a livable planet and community. Early voting is coming up, so look for Kyle’s name on your ballot and vote for our community to thrive!

by Bob Fulkerson

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