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Why I am supporting Kyle Isacksen (sponsored)


Kyle will bring intellect, vision, values to the county commission

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Kyle Isacksen, a Democrat, who is running for the District 3 seat on the Washoe County Commission.  

At 47, Kyle brings wonderful qualities and a wealth of experience to the Commission. I have rarely encountered someone with a quicker intellect. These past months, I have watched Kyle, a former masters-level science teacher, seek out Washoe County firemen, public safety officers, mayors, bicycle enthusiasts, teachers, union leaders, scientists, small businesspersons, environmentalists, African American, Native American, Latino leaders and ordinary citizens—seeking their wisdom, learning their worlds.  

Kyle is a builder, skilled tradesman, visionary and activist. Concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Reno, he bought a lot in our neighborhood, collaborated with the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada, and built—on his own!—a beautiful 1200-square-foot cottage, the first single family home in a community land trust for affordable housing in the entire state.

He and his wife Katy founded the Be the Change Project, a prize-winning urban homestead, dedicated to urban agriculture and sustainable living. Confronted with the problem of massive food waste, Kyle founded Down to Earth Compost, a bicycle-driven compost pick-up service that to this day provides hundreds of businesses and families with a green alternative to the dump.

No arts in our Oddie-Montello neighborhood? Kyle organized a family music series in Pat Baker Park.

Wanting to support local foods and farmers, Kyle created the Reno Garlic Fest, a wildly successful celebration of garlic and its local growers. Alarmed by microplastics pollution, Kyle organized the first microplastics research in the Truckee River.

I could go on and on.

Kyle would work his heart out on the commission. Historically, almost every county commissioner, certainly every candidate this year, has squeezed commission work in after a full-time job. Commission work would receive Kyle’s full-time attention—and Kyle knows how to get things done.  

Kyle also happens to be my son-in-law! I know from 20 years of joyous family experience how loving, kind and incredibly resourceful he is. I can’t imagine a better candidate. Please vote for Kyle Isacksen in the June primary.

Susan Chandler, MSW, PhD
Faculty emeritus, University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV

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