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Kyle Isacksen’s commitment is born of a lifetime of service (sponsored)


In support of Kyle Isacksen, candidate for Washoe County Commission, District 3

I am writing to strongly support Kyle Isacksen’s candidacy for District 3, Washoe County Commissioner. I have known and valued Kyle for over a decade. He and his wife Katie have built a strong community of non-profit leaders and volunteers who are trying to make the Truckee Meadows a better, more sustainable place to live for everyone.

As I told Kyle when he sought out my advice on a possible election run, he has one thing that few others do: a character born of commitment, resilience, and a strong work ethic. Kyle will not fold when things get tough in the commission meetings as they no doubt will. He will not sway according to what is politically expedient.

He will, however, do whatever he can to improve transportation, local climate efforts, sustainable development, adequate housing, and be available to the constituents of District 3.

Kyle’s commitment to this elected position is born of a lifetime of service. As such he is not entering it lightly. He will dedicate his full attention to this position and devote the time to make District 3 his priority. In short, he is running for this office because he wants to live in a Washoe County that aspires to the values of compassion, empathy, and commitment to lasting solutions to our vexing problems.

No elected official will bring peace to our competing interests but Kyle will bring perspective. He will listen, champion the underserved, and make sure that even if he differs, his constituents will be represented. He is not in this for short-term gain. He wants the Truckee Meadows to be a place his children will be proud of: one that welcomes all people and creates a community where everyone thrives.

Thank you for your support of Kyle Isacksen for District 3, Washoe County Commissioner in the June primary. He will be an inspired colleague, a leader for this community.

By Shaun Griffin is the former Founding Director of Community Chest Inc., 1991-2017.

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