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Entertainment: Local bands crank out new releases


Reno’s music scene has always been under-appreciated. We’ve never quite had East Bay-, Seattle-, Austin-, LA- or Brooklyn-style notoriety. 

Perhaps that’s a good thing. Because that means the wealth of local talent – every bit as good as other American locales – stays local, homegrown and accessible. 

That’s not good for the musicians seeking to strike it big. But let’s face it, we’ve never quite had a breakout Green Day or Nirvana to call our own. That also means our local bands don’t get left in the dark after a local scene explodes. Let’s call it a mixed blessing and an albatross.

Regardless, we can always celebrate our immense talent and the struggle that comes inherently being from Reno. With that in mind, in the last six months or so, that talent has been productive. 

Here are some of the latest new releases from some of our bigger and lesser-known acts. Apologies if I missed anyone. Drop us a note and we’ll add to this list for late-’21 and early 2022 releases.

Boss’ Daughter released this video on New Year’s Day. It’s fast, melodic and will rip your face off. They’re back on tour now.

Darren Barnes’ Bastroid released a new song on Bandcamp in February. Noise? Experimental? It’s 16-minutes long and is on Bandcamp.

Elleanor Burke in December dropped a six-song release on Bandcamp. It’s synth-driven electronica. Here’s a video from a year ago:

Anthony Scott Collyer-Ashworth has a new Bandcamp release with eight songs. He plays on everything. It’s dark, guitar-driven instrumental metal. “This collection of work is, in essence, a commitment to healing. I have personally lost many people over the last few years and never gave myself a proper way to grieve,” he says. Give it a listen.

Drinking With Clowns is always fun. They released a new video in September called “Perfect Love.” Can you tell where it was filmed?

The Electric has a new release available on the streaming apps. “Ever seen Wayne Gretzky’s daughter in a tube top? … we’re the soundtrack to that glorious sight.” That’s how they describe it. Okay, then. Here it is.

Four Stroke Baron is touring Europe soon on the heels of their new release. It’s dark, dirgy and super guitar heavy.

Greg Gilmore and The Fever Dreams, formerly Silver, has a brand new release that came out just days ago. Here’s the latest video.

Carson-based Last One Down has speedy melodic punk down pat. Here’s their video that just came out a couple weeks ago. A new single is in the works.

Nick Ramirez is always making magic with music. I’ve known him since high school, and nobody in Reno has promoted local music as much as he has over the years. Dozens of bands play his bi-annual Marianarchy festival which is always a fundraiser for somebody in need. He’s a hell of a musician too – on drums, guitar and as a vocalist. He made this video at the end of ‘21.

Ramirez is also in Roxie Collie (and like five other bands), which released this video in February.

Thee Saturday Knights blast through garage-punk tunes like nobody’s business. New tunes are available on their Bandcamp page. A vinyl 7-inch is in the works too.

The Fallon- and now Reno-based Will Shamberger Band has a new release out soon. The Reynolds Sandbox has a great article about their recent recording experience.

Longtime punk-ska band Sucka Punch has a new release – a CD compilation of their “Greatest Bunts.” Listen to them on their Bandcamp page. (Disclosure: I play in a band, Irreplaceable Beings, with Pierre, who sings for IR but drums in Sucka Punch.)

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