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Mayoral challenge headed to court


Mayoral candidate William Mantle’s challenge of Council member Jenny Brekhus’ ability to run for mayor is headed to court.

Reno City Attorney Karl Hall yesterday filed with the Second Judicial District Court a petition to show cause for a hearing on Brekhus’ candidacy.

“The term-limits clause of the Nevada Constitution provides that ‘No person may be elected to any state office or local governing body who has served in that office, or at the expiration of his current term if he is so serving will have served, 12 years or more, unless the permissible number of terms or duration of service is otherwise specified in this Constitution,’” he wrote. 

He requested the court issue an order “directing Brekhus, or her legal representative, to appear and show cause why the challenge filed by Mantle should not be upheld; In the event the challenge filed by Mantle is upheld… issue an order pursuant to [state law] that Brekhus shall not appear on the ballot.”

Brekhus said she wants the voters to decide. 

Mantle, in a statement to This Is Reno, said his interpretation of the law prompted him to challenge only Brekhus and not incumbent Hillary Schieve. 

“While both Schieve and Brekhus have served 10 years in office, their terms are different,” he said. “Schieve’s current term terminates this year with 10 years served. Brekhus was recently re-elected and her term terminates [two] years from now for a total of 12 years at expiration.

“Had I known of a legal challenge to make against Schieve (or any candidate) I would have made that challenge.”

Bob Conrad
Bob Conradhttp://thisisreno.com
Bob Conrad is publisher, editor and co-founder of This Is Reno. He has served in communications positions for various state agencies and earned a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2011. He is also a part time instructor at UNR and sits on the boards of the Nevada Press Association and Nevada Open Government Coalition.