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Apartment complexes pledge environmentally friendly upgrades for Earth Day (sponsored)


“Green Initiative” upgrades will be instituted at multi-unit properties in Reno and Las Vegas 

In celebration of Earth Day, Standard Management Company (SMC) announces a new set of Green Initiatives they are instituting at four multi-unit properties in Reno. These environmentally-friendly initiatives are being implemented across properties as part of a series of upgrades both in community areas and in-unit renovations. 

“We are excited to announce these eco-friendly upgrades at all our properties because we are always striving to provide the best for our residents and give back to our community,” says Kari Horii, Senior Managing Director, Residential Operations. “These days, one of the best ways to do that is to lessen our impact on the environment. These are lifestyle upgrades that people are starting to expect these days, and that will continue to make a difference all year long.”

Numerous in-unit upgrades have been made at renovated SMC properties, such as motion-sensor lights and LED lighting and a smart thermostat in all units. Exterior upgrades include reducing water usage through desert-friendly landscaping, plans to start a community garden, and installing EV charging stations. One of the biggest changes for residents and management is the shift to going paperless.

“Going paperless has been a goal for us for a long time, because not only does it vastly reduce the amount of paper we are using and have to file, but it makes the entire process of applying, renting, and living at our properties easier,” says Horii. “Tenants can easily access all their information through an online portal instead of holding onto stacks of documents, and all payments and transactions will be handled securely online.”

SMC is also educating residents on ways to be more environmentally conscious in their homes, such as taking advantage of smart thermostat scheduling, tips for reducing water usage, and even starting your own herb garden. 

“Encouraging our residents to get involved and make small lifestyle changes is one way we can contribute to long-term and larger scale improvements in our communities.”

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