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Keolis settles six more labor violations with bus drivers’ union


Keolis Transit North America has now settled nearly two dozen labor violations with Teamsters Local 533, the bus drivers’ union.

On top of the 17 labor violations settled last month, six more were settled last week with the union. The settlement means Keolis has to promise to provide information to union members, as well as to pay union members promised sign-on bonuses.

The Teamsters’ Gary Watson told This Is Reno there are 17 more labor violations the union has lodged against Keolis awaiting a decision or settlement.

“Can I say they are in violation of the National Labor Relations Act? Yes, they’ve admitted to that in the settlement agreement,” Watson said. “This brings the total to 23 violations and counting.”

Keolis, behind the scenes, accused the union of misleading the public with inflammatory rhetoric and press releases that are “not objective.” Keolis’ public statements, however, insist they want to work with the union.

“Surrogates of Local 533 issued an inaccurate, if not intentionally libelous, press release purporting that the NLRB ruled against Keolis on 17 unfair labor practices. This is untrue. These 17 complaints are still with the NLRB and more await a hearing,” a Keolis representative wrote in an internal “talking points” memo provided to This Is Reno.

The language of a judge’s ruling is incorrect, Watson said. “Keolis agreed to a settlement on those charges, and the judge agreed.”

Keolis did not respond to a request for comment about the labor violations. 

An independent arbitrator found last month Keolis also violated its agreement with the Teamsters by failing to enforce mask mandates on buses. 

The new labor violations mean Keolis has to post the following notice at bus stations. The Teamsters have been posting on Twitter photos of its drivers next to the labor violation postings.

Bob Conrad
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