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Governor releases statement about threats made at Las Vegas restaurant


Editor’s Note: This article includes language that may be offensive to some readers. 

“Disgusting, inappropriate behavior.” That’s how a far-right, so-called patriot’s accosting of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak on Sunday is being described online.

First reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the confrontation was between what appears to be two to three individuals and the governor and his wife. Videos online show what is reported to be Justin Andersch and a friend first approaching Sisolak for a photo at a Las Vegas restaurant.

“Please share far and wide,” Andersch’s Instagram account says of the encounter.

In the video, Andersch gets up from a table to get a selfie photo with Sisolak but then says, “I can’t tell you what a piece of shit you are.” 

He follows Sisolak and his wife out of the restaurant hurling obscenities at them, accusing them of treason. Andersch then follows them to their vehicle in the restaurant’s parking lot.

“We should string you up from a lamppost right now, pussy boy,” Andersch yells in the video. A website in Andersch’s name shows verbiage linked to far-right and QAnon conspiracies. 

Today, Sisolak’s office said the matter is under investigation. Meghin Delaney, the Governor’s communications director, issued the following statement:  

While walking through a local restaurant on Sunday to have dinner with his wife and one of his daughters, the Governor was approached by a customer in the establishment who asked to take a photo with him. The Governor often greets Nevadans in public with a quick handshake, conversation or a picture – talking to Nevadans is one of the Governor’s favorite parts of his job.   

He is deeply disappointed in how this incident unfolded, particularly with the language used to talk about First Lady Kathy Sisolak’s heritage. We can disagree about the issues, but the personal attacks and threats are unwarranted, unwelcome and unbecoming behavior for Nevadans.  

The Governor works on behalf of all Nevadans – even those who disagree with him – and he will continue to do so. He appreciates the professionalism shown by the restaurant employees and looks forward to continuing to support Nevada’s small businesses and their employees.  The Governor has always and will always encourage Nevadans to be kind to one another.  

The Governor’s Office will have no further comment on this incident as there is an ongoing investigation.

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