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Metal band Wolves of Verdi drops CD, meet Reno’s Chapman Stick maestro

By Bob Conrad

Reno’s Wolves of Verdi have been working on their first release for the past year or more. Recorded in Brazil, Reno and finalized in Los Angeles, the metal band is loud, aggressive and melodic.

They describe themselves as progressive metal. They would have been right at home in my Walkman in the mid-1980s. 

The band has already received international writeups, including in Brazil, Canada and Spain.

Get their release on all streaming platforms by visiting their website for information. They are scheduled to play the Virginia Street Brewhouse Feb. 12, 2022.

Chapman Stick artist produces solo videos

Musician and producer Kevin Keith has been posting stunning videos in the Musicians of Reno Facebook group playing his Chapman Stick. 

Being a troglodyte drummer, I had to look up the Chapman Stick. It’s sort of a wide-necked guitar with as many as 12 strings. They’ve been around since the mid-1970s. 

Both hands play the strings – no guitar picks – tapping and bending them into melodies. It’s played kind of similar to a bass guitar – again, sans pick. It sounds incredible, and Keith makes magic with his. 

He describes himself as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer and Chapman Stick artist based in Los Angeles and Reno, Nevada. He has appeared on hundreds of national TV shows, webisodes, documentaries, games and records, according to his website. 

Check him out on his website or watch him on Youtube.

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