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Five events to check out: Fresh Meat and a little something Sweet


Any idea how hard it is to link sci-fi play about an 85-year-old lady to two former governors talking about leadership? We did it here, then topped it off with something sweet. You’re welcome.

Omicron is still menacing the community, so if you head out, be sure to mask up and check event and venue restrictions. Also, double check that listed events are still a go. Example: rain check on Reno Little Theater’s Bull In A China Shop which was postponed earlier this month. Darn you COVID!

This week’s five events:

1. Restless Artists’ Theatre’s “Marjorie Prime” opened Friday and continues with dates this weekend. It’s EI (elderly individual) meets AI in what’s been billed as a richly spare and quietly unsettling drama. Spare, meaning there probably won’t be scenes of Marjorie’s grandkids showing her how to use the AI.

2. Speaking of young and hip, Holland Project’s Fresh Meat! show is Friday. It’s a showcase of new and emerging talent including Moonshot, Olivias, Evening Spirits and In the Works?. Details here.

3. Moving on to trying not to break a hip. Mt. Rose Ski Area hosts the Steep 16 Chutes Challenge this weekend. It’s a non-race event where good judgement and knowing your limits is a priority, as is skiing or boarding at least 8 chutes by 3 p.m. The prize? A free t-shirt. Where do we sign up?

4. These days, holding a position in elected office may be more similar to skiing the chutes in a number of ways. It’s not for the faint of heart, you’ve got to be paying attention, and conditions can vary making for either an enjoyable or perilous run. Former governors Richard Bryan and Brian Sandoval come together for a conversation on what it means to hold public office and lead during difficult times during Building Trust in Government: A Conversation hosted by UNR.

5. On the lighter side…How someone figured out all of the steps to turn a cocoa pod into a delicious candy bar is a mystery to us, but that’s because we’ve yet to check out Sweet: A Tasty Journey at the Wilbur D. May Museum. It’s on our list because it’s candy, of course. So good. (Sponsored)


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