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Reno Police officer put on paid leave after being jailed for domestic violence charge

By Bob Conrad

NOTE: This article contains descriptions of domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence, call 775-221-7600 or text SASS to 839863 to get help any time.

A Reno Police community services officer was jailed for domestic battery charge in August, and a temporary protective order (TPO) was filed soon after. The TPO application alleged a history of domestic violence — an incident around 2005 and again in 2011.

Sparks Police arrested Mark Greenwell after it was alleged he grabbed a woman’s hair, yanked her head and called the victim a bitch and a whore.

“I thought he was so out of control that he might get one of his guns and kill me,” the victim wrote in the arrest report. “He is very angry, violent [and] out of control. I’m afraid for my safety every day.”

A two-year TPO was granted in early September after Greenwell did not show up to a court hearing, according to court records. The order prohibits him from having a firearm in his possession. 

Greenwell, according to records obtained by This Is Reno, received three days of paid leave starting Aug. 3.

Reno City Manager Doug Thornley said Greenwell’s arrest was “extremely disappointing and does not meet the standards or expectations of this organization.”

As to why Greenwell received paid leave, Thornley said he is protected by the City of Reno’s collective bargaining agreement with employees.

“Certain aspects of matters pertaining to personnel are handled through the lens of statutory requirements and existing collective bargaining agreements,” he added. “The circumstances involving Mr. Greenwell were addressed accordingly.”

Greenwell remains employed in his same position at the Reno Police Department, Thornley confirmed.

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