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Reno Rebuild Project awards Bar Down Hockey Shop with $50,000 small business loan (sponsored)


Nickel by nickel Reno Rebuild fund is growing to make one-of-a-kind loans to local small Downtown businesses. This September, the Project will be providing a $50,000 loan to the Bar Down Hockey Shop located inside Reno Ice: The Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena in South Reno.

The Reno Rebuild foundation is an alternative for funding support and rewards unique businesses with loans from $5k to $50k. These loans are span throughout 3-5yrs at a low-interest rate. All interest and repayments of the loans go back directly to the Reno Rebuild Fund for future projects and investments in our community.

The Global pandemic Covid-19 has brought a new need to the local community for financial support and small businesses. This September, the Reno Rebuild project owners have graciously awarded Bar Down Hockey Shop as this year’s largest recipient. Bar Down Hockey Shop will soon be northern Nevada’s premier source for specialized hockey equipment, figure skating supplies, lacrosse equipment, outfitting, and education. As specialists in the top hockey and figure skating brands, Bar Down owners and employees ensure the best fit, quality, and price point for every player.

Every time a guest enjoys a drink or meal at the Sierra Tap House, Ole Bridge Pub, and the Brewer’s Cabinet, a nickel per item sold goes into the Reno Rebuild Fund at the Community Foundation. Once a year, the fundholders, Michael Connolly, Chris Kahl, and Zachary Cage, owners of the establishments listed above, help select one compelling idea from a Reno-based individual to receive a small business loan to make their dream a reality. 

Being a small, local shop allows Bar Down to devote attention to players at each experience level, age, and gender and to help further grow community interest in hockey. “What we are looking for is a great idea that will bring something new to our city and improve our lives,” said Kahl, co-founder. “Bar Down Hockey is exactly the type of business we strive to support,” said Kahl.

The Reno Rebuild loan is a low-interest loan with all principal and interest returning to the fund to help it grow, so more ideas get funded each year. All the money raised remains in northern Nevada, supporting the local economy and helping to rebuild our community – one small business at a time!

This year the Bar Down Hockey Shop proposed expanding its operations inside Reno’s newest Ice arena. With the locations already growing community support, it made sense to support the continued growth of this company through the Reno Rebuild Project,” said Cage, co-founder.

The Reno Rebuild Loan will help complete the development of the shop that will provide the necessary supplies, sporting equipment, and resources to the families and individuals in the area already enjoying the new Reno Ice facility.

“The Reno Rebuild Project is such a special part of the community. It shows how much support entrepreneurs and local business owners have in Reno. This Project has made it possible for our new store to become a full picture reality.” Said Austin Schoen, Co-Owner of Bar Down Hockey Shop.

Austin Schoen, the founder of Bar Down Hockey Shop, opened his first location in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 2015. He later opened a second shop in Kansas City. Having the Reno Rebuild Project support his business expansion to northern Nevada has proved to himself and his team that continued success is possible with hard work and a grand vision!

If you would like to support the Reno Rebuild project, you can easily purchase a beer or a meal from the restaurants listed above; your nickels will add up. To be a more significant part of the bright Reno Rebuild Project, donate directly (and more than a nickel!) to the fund. Help to lift our community and make a dream come true.

For more information, visit http://renorebuild.com/.

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