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‘I regret my error’: Jaqueline Calvert resigns from school board



Washoe County School District Trustee Jaqueline Calvert has resigned effective immediately following the revelation that she no longer resides within the district she represents.

She said it was an honest error.

“Recently, I moved from my home in District F and failed to realize I was no longer living in the district I was elected to represent,” Calvert said. “I regret my error, and I feel it would be best to resign … in order to enable the District to move forward with its important work of educating, supporting and nurturing our children. I wish nothing but the best for my former colleagues on the Board of Trustees, district leadership and our students, families and staff members in the future.”

Calvert was elected in 2018 to represent District F, an at-large position that covers the east side of the Washoe County School District. There are 54 schools in District F.

Calvert’s term would have ended in 2022. Members of the board of trustees will begin the process of appointing a replacement soon.

“Jacqueline Calvert has been a valuable member of our Board since her election in 2018, and I want to thank her for her hard work and dedication to our students and staff members,” said Board President Dr. Angie Taylor. “I join with the remainder of the Board in wishing her well in the future.”

Calvert is the third trustee to resign this year. Trustee Andrew Caudill resigned May 25 after taking a job out of state. Trustee Kurt Thigpen also announced his resignation in May citing health reasons. He later penned an op-ed for This Is Reno explaining the angry and toxic atmosphere he experienced during his short tenure.

The next board meeting begins this afternoon at 2 p.m.

Jeri Chadwell
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