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Tahoe Transportation District begins issuing fines for unpaid cars in Tahoe East Shore Trail parking lots (sponsored)


Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) on behalf of the Highway 28 Corridor Management Plan, announced today that this summer marks the start of a non-compliance fine at the Tahoe East Shore Trail parking lot near Tunnel Creek, just southeast of Incline Village. Dollars generated from metered parking zones go toward maintaining services at the trail system. 

The paid parking lots are available to visitors from 5:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. from spring through fall until snow covers the ground. They opened in 2020 with a pay-to-park system that fluctuates based on season and peak demand, ranging in cost from free during hours and seasons of low demand, and then from $1 per hour at times, up to as high as $7 per hour during the height of busy holiday weekends and in-demand mid-day hours. 

Until now, no fines were levied on cars that failed to pay or pay enough and, for more than a month, warnings have been issued. Park Tahoe is encouraging visitors to “Come Early, Come Late, Pay a Lower Rate.” Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transportation (TART) is also providing a new microtransit service this year that will provide direct access to the trail, further alleviating the need to drive to the parking lot.  

“We wanted to give trail lovers time to get to know the paid parking fee structure and the expectation before we initiated any penalties since it’s a relatively new offering altogether,” said TTD District Manager Carl Hasty. “This trailhead has been wildly popular and as we look ahead, we want to also assure the public that funds will stay on the East Shore to maintain and operate the trail now and in the future.”

Parking meters at Tahoe East Shore Trailhead parking lots, located on State Route 28 and Ponderosa Ranch Road, are in operation and violation notices are now being issued. Violators will be fined if parked without paying up to a maximum of $150. During busy periods, parking ambassadors are available to assist with the meters and to answer questions. For details on Park Tahoe parking services, rates and payments, go to www.tahoetransportation.org/parking.

Tickets for parking illegally over the white line into travel lanes on SR 28 are generally more costly. Image: Gabby Dodd / This Is Reno

TTD, which is responsible for pioneering the Tahoe East Shore Trail project at the Lake, is working with the Nevada Department of Transportation and other partners to expand parking and the Tahoe East Shore Trail connections. Until then, visitors are encouraged to park safe and park smart to avoid being issued a $305 ticket in “No Parking” zones on the Highway 28 corridor. Tickets for parking illegally over the white line into travel lanes on SR 28 are generally even more costly. 

“We’ve established 90 parking spots to improve the safety and accessibility of the corridor. We’re also asking visitors to consider coming during the earlier morning hours or later in the evening to avoid adding to the unsafe roads and, most importantly, to land free parking during some of the most beautiful hours at the lake,” Hasty said. 

TTD expects parking demand at the trailhead to increase this season due to the suspension of the East Shore Express transit service from Incline Village to Sand Harbor due to staffing shortages. TTD hopes to revive the service should drivers become available.

TTD has provided transit services to South Lake Tahoe, Incline Village and the Carson Valley for ten years. Its mission is to facilitate and implement safe, environmentally positive, multi-modal transportation plans, programs and projects for the Lake Tahoe Basin, including transit operations. It works in partnership with the Nevada Department of Transportation and regional transportation authorities. For more information, visit TahoeTransportation.org and follow the District @TahoeTransDistrict.

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