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Homeless people outside of Cares Campus property told to move

By Bob Conrad
Homeless individuals sleeping on the sidewalk outside the Nevada Cares Campus were told to leave by City of Reno employees on June 23. 2021.

City of Reno employees today were telling people experiencing homelessness, who have been camping just outside the Nevada Cares Campus entrance, to leave the area. 

“The tents next to the Nevada Cares Campus are blocking the public right of way,” said city spokesperson Matt Brown. “We have ADA obligations to keep it clear. The tents are also blocking access to a well site.” 

Brown did not respond to an inquiry as to where they are meant to go. The city handed out notices to people saying the area needed to be cleaned.

The campus has available beds, and the safe camp area operated by the Karma Box Project is slowly admitting people into its open camping area, which recently opened.

A homeless advocate on scene said some of the people who had been camping on the sidewalks had been there since the sweep at Mill and Edison conducted a few weeks ago. 

Others allegedly had too many possessions to be stored at the campus. 

Workers and advocates were scrambling this morning to get people moved.

“One person just left,” said Ilya Arbatman, who was there this morning. “We don’t know where she went.”

Reno City Manager Doug Thornley said the city is waiting for a proposal from the Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality for additional open camping options. Progress on that effort will take time, he said, and the city is committed to working with homeless advocates for additional solutions.

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