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Downtown Pride crosswalk damaged within hours of completion

By ThisIsReno

Photos by Eric Marks

The crosswalk underneath the Reno arch was painted on Tuesday to recognize LGBTQ Pride Month, but by nightfall already showed signs of damage.

The City of Reno temporarily painted the crosswalk with the rainbow Pride flag, similar to crosswalks in other cities across the U.S. in what it said was an extension of its commitment to being a welcoming city. Reno City Council passed the Welcoming City Resolution in 2017 in an effort to make the city a place “where all are welcome, accepted and integrated.”

Some drivers seemed to have other plans, however. Skid marks through the crosswalk and additional marks from what appear to be a driver doing donuts at the intersection left black marks through the paint.

City workers attended to the damage Wednesday morning, using brooms and hoses to clean away the marks.   

City officials said they intend the crosswalk to remain painted through July and downtown’s Northern Nevada Pride event on July 24.

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