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Chef Mark Estee taught Eddy House residents the ‘Art of Barbecuing’ (sponsored)


The event, made possible by Greater Nevada Credit Union, focused on providing youth access to resources that teach lifelong skills

Greater Nevada Credit Union teamed up with local chef and entrepreneur, Mark Estee, ZLine Kitchen and Bath, and Reno Food Systems, for the Art of Barbecuing, an event held Wednesday, June 16, 2021, to help local youth residents at the Eddy House. 

Using a new grill provided by GNCU to the Eddy House, and food provided by ZLine Kitchen and Bath, Eddy House youth had the opportunity to learn from Estee first-hand how to prepare delicious food on the barbecue. GNCU also donated $7,500 to Reno Food Systems so the company can add Eddy House to its nonprofit food distribution list.

Wally Murray

“By giving our youth access to resources that teach lifelong skills, we are preparing them to address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities,” Wally Murray, president and CEO of GNCU, said. “If we can assist in helping others reach their full growth potential and develop strong foundations, it further supports our passion of helping more people live greater.”

Representatives from GNCU, Greater Nevada Mortgage, Eddy House, ZLine Kitchen and Bath, and Reno Food Systems were all present at the event, along with about 30 youth from Eddy House. Also, at the event, Greater Nevada Mortgage presented the Eddy House with a check for $30,700 from their Keys to Greater program. The program is a pledge by Greater Nevada Mortgage to contribute $100 from the revenue of every mortgage or refinance to support Eddy House. Since the start of the program in January 2021, $64,400 has been raised and presented to Eddy House.

Diaz Dixon, CEO of Eddy House, emphasized his appreciation for what the event offered yesterday’s participants. 

Eddy House’s Chief Executive Officer Diaz Dixon in the facility clothing closet. Image: Eric Marks / This Is Reno

“This gives them another avenue to be able to gain the skills of how to cook, and how to actually enjoy a meal,” Dixon said. “It gives them an extra privilege that they just haven’t had for a number of years. They [the youth] look and see that there are people out there who care about them, (people) that they didn’t even know. It gives them a bigger sense of what community even means.”

Estee shared how believes cooking can help empower youth.

“I’m really excited to be here to help these kids learn how to use this equipment,” Estee said. “It’s important to know how to cook, it’s important to know where your food comes from, and it’s really important to give back to the community so we’re honored and blessed to be a part of this.”

The support offered by GNCU for this event was a direct result of representatives at the Eddy House sharing with GNCU a desire to utilize their newly-remodeled kitchen and other cooking appliances for more diverse food options.

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