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Nevada’s Jewish federation gathers for peace during simultaneous ceasefire


Jewish Nevada gathered today at Reno City Plaza to give a message of peace as an unanimous ceasefire was reached between Israel and Palestine. The gathering came in the wake of increasing tensions between the two states.

“We definitely mourn all of the innocent civilians who have died, both Palestinians and Israelis,” said Mara Langer community engagement coordinator with Jewish Nevada. “We’re gathering as a community. We support Israel and its decisions, but we also understand that there are many innocent lives of Israelis and Palestinians that are being affected by this conflict.”

Langer said Hamas, which she called a terrorist group, is attacking the state of Israel.

“There are many Israelis and Palestinians who want to live together and live in peace, and live side-by-side, but not at the expense of the Jewish state of Israel,” she told This Is Reno. “We support the government and defense forces. We know it’s not Palestinians — it’s Hamas.”

A group of about a dozen people sang “Sir L’Shalom,” a song of peace, after a few speakers, including Langer, provided remarks about the situation.

Those supporting Palestine gathered on Sunday

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