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County commissioners approve COVID-19 mitigation for the rest of May

By Bob Conrad

The Washoe Board of County Commissioners today approved its COVID-19 mitigation plan for the remaining days in May before Gov. Steve Sisolak’s June 1 date of what he called “a full reopening.”

Commissioners previously approved a plan that was met with resistance by the Washoe County School District, City of Reno and Washoe County Health District. 

They said the received last-minute changes from the governor’s office, prior to a meeting last week, put them in a position to approve something that ended up being disputed.

Today’s approval was agreed upon by all local entities needed to get the plan approved by the state, a next step that is expected later today.

Social distancing will remain in effect at six feet, per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, and the governor’s mask mandate will remain. It was noted at a media briefing last week by county health officials that Sisolak’s mask mandate has not been updated to reflect recent guidance by the CDC that says masks do not need to be worn outdoors. 

“If the COVID Risk Meter reaches red, on the Thursday night at 11:59 p.m. of the week the meter reaches red, the community will be required to revert to tighter restrictions,” officials said in a media statement. 

The risk meter is now at moderate, down from previously heading back into the high range in recent weeks.

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