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Six Nevada public charter schools awarded start-up funds to serve high need students (sponsored)


The Federal Charter School Program (CSP) Grant is administered by Opportunity 180 to expand access to high-quality public charter schools in at-risk neighborhoods

With the goal to make sure every kid in Nevada has access to quality schools in their area, six public charter schools across the state have been selected to receive funding through the Great Schools for Nevada Charter School Program (CSP) Federal Grant administered by Opportunity 180. Opportunity 180 was awarded these funds by the U.S. Department of Education through a highly competitive application process.

The Great Schools for Nevada grant awards funds to new, replicating or expanding public charter schools that demonstrate success or evidence-based plans to successfully serve an at-risk student population. Schools must articulate a clear plan to serve a student population that is greater than or equal to the average at-risk student population served by the district the school is located in. Nevada student groups who will benefit from these awards include:

● Students qualifying for free or reduced-price lunch (FRL)
● English Language Learners (ELL)
● Students who have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
● Students at-risk of dropping out

“Opportunity 180 is committed to ensuring every student has access to a quality school, in their neighborhood, that puts them on the path to college and career,” said Executive Director of Opportunity 180, Jana Wilcox Lavin. “With these six schools identified to receive subgrants, we are providing six more opportunities for students to find the best educational fit to meet their needs and prepare them for the future they choose.”

Upon submitting an application, schools were selected via a 12-week external review process, in which they were required to demonstrate their commitment to serving high-need student populations through their mission, curriculum focus and physical location. Five of the six awarded schools will be strategically placed in areas that align to the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority’s 2021 Academic and Demographic Needs Assessment and Opportunity 180’s Priority Footprint. The final school will use a weighted lottery in order to prioritize the most underserved and at-risk student populations, with an emphasis on reaching Native American students.

“To educate children means you need to be prepared to be successful for your school’s launch. Thanks to this grant, we can continue on a path to ensure TEACH is ready when we open our doors,” shared, Dr. Raul Carranza from TEACH public schools.

Great Schools for Nevada grant aligns directly with Opportunity 180’s mission to invest in great schools and put students on track to graduate high school, college and career ready. These funds will directly impact 5,345 students over the course of the grant, contributing to Opportunity 180’s overall goal of ensuring 100,000 more students have access to a high-quality school by 2030.

According to the Nevada Department of Education’s Nevada Report Card, in 2018-2019, less than 3 in 10 students who qualified for free or reduced-price lunch were on grade level in math and less than 4 in 10 were on grade level in reading in Nevada. Adding more quality school options in traditionally underserved neighborhoods will help improve these outcomes.

The awarded schools include Battle Born Academy Southern Nevada (K-8), Beacon Academy Southern Nevada (10-12+), Civica Career and Collegiate Academy Southern Nevada (K-12), Pinecrest of Northern Nevada Northern Nevada (K-8), Sage Collegiate Southern Nevada (K-7), TEACH Las Vegas Southern Nevada (K-12)

In total, $8.5 million over three years have been awarded across the six schools to provide direct support to launch the schools successfully. For more information, visit Opportunity180.org.

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