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RTC pilots free Uber rides program for COVID-19 vaccination appointments


The RTC Washoe Uber Pilot Program launched today offering up to four free Uber rides to get to and from COVID-19 vaccination appointments in the local area. It’s the second opportunity for free rides to such appointments the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County has offered.

Riders must be enrolled in the pilot program to be eligible for the free rides.

The program is open to Washoe County residents who are 60 years and older, RTC ACCESS clients (any age) or Washoe County veterans (any age), but individuals must enroll in first to be eligible for the free rides. Once enrolled, riders will receive up to four free Uber rides—intended for to and from each of the two vaccination appointments—up to $35 each trip.

In addition to the free rides for COVID-19 vaccination appointments, the pilot program will pay for 75% of the cost of up to five additional Uber rides each month for enrollees, up to $9 per ride. The remaining 25% of the fare and any remaining amount over the $9 will be automatically charged to the rider’s Uber account.

The program continues through Sept. 30, 2021. Details on how to enroll are listed below.

How to enroll in the program

1.    Complete and sign the registration and agreement form.

2.    Provide the RTC with a copy of your government-issued photo identification, proof of age and Washoe County residency.

3.    Once you have completed the form and made a copy of your ID, proof of age, and residency, mail, fax (775-348-3261) or email ([email protected]) the documents to the RTC. Mail can be addressed to Regional Transportation Commission, P.O. Box 30002 Reno, NV 89520-3002.

4.    Once you are enrolled, RTC Washoe will send you (via email) instructions on how to claim your Uber voucher.

For more details about how to apply for this program, visit https://www.rtcwashoe.com/rtc-washoe-uber-rides-pilot-program/.

Source: RTC

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