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New local website aims to help mountain bikers


Is Peavine dry? Mountain bikers in northern Nevada have likely asked themselves that question, and now they can quickly get an answer. Https://ispeavinedry.com was launched this month and tells riders whether their trail of choice is dry, and if not, where else they might find some good riding.

Riders can access a form on the site to submit their own trail reports, or see current conditions that others have reported.

Wet trails pose a serious danger—to both bikers and the safety of the trails—according to Curtis Johnson, president of the Biggest Little Trail Stewardship.

“Oh man, you just get destruction, it causes erosion damage,” said Johnson. “Tire tracks cause deep ruts that can last all year, are dangerous for novice riders and downhillers.”

Clay soils, such as those on Peavine, are more vulnerable to rutting than sandier soils, such as those at Sierra Vista or Hidden Valley Park.

Johnson added that BLTS volunteers have spent thousands of hours building and repairing trails, so the trail reporting site will solve several challenges, including getting those volunteers back out enjoying the trails or building new ones.

Source: BikeWashoe.org

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