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Energy & emissions tracking startup, Ledger8760 appoints Adam Kramer as CEO (sponsored)


Ledger8760 is pioneering sustainability practices for businesses, government agencies

Adam Kramer, CEO of Ledger8760

Ledger8760, a SaaS startup that tracks emissions, appointed Adam Kramer as CEO. In his new role, Kramer will direct the expansion of Ledger8760 by growing the customer base as demand continues to increase for real-time energy and emissions monitoring. Driven by increasing pressure from regulators, investors and customers, the need for businesses and government agencies to monitor and reduce their emissions is growing exponentially.

“Our commitment to ensuring our clients’ successes — no matter how big or small — is what drives our vision for change,” said Josh Weber, co-founder and Board Chair of Ledger8760. “Adam Kramer’s expertise makes him the ideal leader to take our team into the next phase of growth.”

Ledger8760 is pioneering sustainability practices for businesses and government agencies. The company, which displays the “8760” marker as a nod to the number of hours in a calendar year, separates itself from other reporting tools as it measures real-time emissions — calculating at every single hour. This SaaS startup measures real-time energy, emissions and utility information from hundreds of sources, and helps companies and government agencies reduce their costs.

Kramer will take the lead in expanding the customer base as demand for real-time data related to energy and Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions grows driven by increasing pressure from regulators, investors and customers. He will also be focused on scaling the Ledger8760 team to support the growing demand for product and ensure that Ledger8760 continues to innovate the platform and deliver the gold standard of energy and emissions management to more end users.

Prior to joining Ledger, Kramer was the EVP of Strategy at Switch (NYSE: SWCH), where he led the sustainability group overseeing the company’s transition in 2016 to 100% renewable energy use. Kramer and his team worked with utilities including Consumers Energy in Michigan to create the state’s first ever ‘green energy tariff.’

For this work, Switch was recognized as the first tech-company in the world to receive all A-grades in sustainability from Greenpeace’s Clicking Clean Report Card, received the Environmental Protection Agency’s Excellence in Green Power Leadership Award and was recognized by SEIA as the 5th largest solar energy user in aggregate in the United States behind companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Kramer also helped lead the development of an effluent water pipeline in a private-public partnership with the State of Nevada, which when operational, will be the largest private water reuse project in the Western United States.

Ledger8760 is preparing for a major announcement at the end of the month. For more information, visit www.ledger8760.com.

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