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County to open permitting for short term rentals May 1

By ThisIsReno
Short-term rentals in Washoe County come with a host of challenges for homeowners and county officials.

Washoe County announced this week that permits for short term rentals will be available beginning May 1.  

County commissioners adopted ordinances for short term rentals in March of this year to address standards, permitting, parking, occupancy limits, safety and inspections, external signage, noise, trash and penalties.

Short term rentals are more widely known as vacation rentals and accommodate rental periods generally from a few days up to a month. They are often booked on sites such as VRBO, or Vacation Rentals By Owner, and AirBnB.

The county has created an online platform, how-to guide and video tutorials to assist owners in the permitting process.

“We know the community has questions about the newordinances and the permitting process, and many of those questions are answered on our website,”MojraHauenstein, Washoe County director of planning and building,said. “We are working quickly to make the process and smooth as possible when the platform launches on May 1.”

The county anticipates a large number of applicants once the online platform launches–an estimated 12.5% of the housing stock in Incline Village and Crystal Bay are short term rentals. With that in mind, they’ll offer a three-month grace period for applicants, with full enforcement of the new ordinances beginning Aug. 1.

Source: Washoe County

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