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Aerial mosquito spraying to prevent West Nile Virus begins May 5


The Washoe County Health District’s Vector Borne Disease program will begin aerial spraying for mosquitos on May 5.

Health officials explain that the program uses a biological larvicide product that prevents the emergence of adult mosquitos. It’s a granular product that’s safe for use around pets, horses, livestock, birds, fish and other aquatic wildlife.

The main source of transmission of the West Nile Virus to humans is from mosquitoes, and the aerial spraying is a key component in preventing this. The application of larvicide will cover more than 1,000 acres, starting in the North Valleys and ending in the southern part of the county. Specific areas to be targeted are North Valleys, Swan Lake, Double Diamond/Damonte area and Washoe Lake.

Aerial larviciding targets mosquito larvae in the water and inhibits their ability to become biting adults. Larviciding is specific to mosquito species and other black fly larva that are commonly found in mosquito breeding habitats. Those areas include wetlands and other water sources.

Steps that can be taken to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes include:

  • Wearing long sleeves and long pants in areas where mosquitoes are likely, especially in the early morning and evening hours
  • Keeping door and window screens in good repair to prevent mosquitoes getting inside homes
  • Using mosquito repellents applied directly to the skin and on clothing
  • Vaccinating horses for Western Equine Encephalitis and Wes Nile Virus
  • Removing any standing water and water containers from around living spaces, including things like outdoor water bowls for pets
  • Contacting the Vector Borne Disease program to ask about mosquito fish to place in fountains, ponds and troughs to eat mosquito larvae

Check the WCHD – Vector Borne Disease program website for more information on mosquito treatment, source reduction, preventative measures and live updates.

Source: Washoe County Health District

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