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Nevada development moguls launch ARC Development Group (sponsored)

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Joel Grace and Tom Merschel plan to focus new company on
mixed-use properties and homes for all income levels

Joel Grace and Tom Merschel – two Nevada-based development executives with decades of combined experience in real estate and finance – have officially launched ARC Development Group. The company is establishing itself as an all-encompassing developer, focusing on mixed-use and residential properties that cater to all Northern Nevadans.

Grace hails from a commercial finances, economic development and building background, fostering relationships with the commercial development and brokerage community to forward planning projects throughout the region.

Merschel has extensive residential building knowledge, from financing, entitlement, civil and vertical construction to final disposition on projects that run the gamut from custom homes to master-planned communities.

Together with their boots-on-the-ground employees, the executives are putting their expertise to serve the community by establishing an expansive range of mixed-use developments.

“We are thrilled to show our commitment to the community and to Reno through our new projects at ARC, and we look forward to being a community, corporate and philanthropic partner,” Grace said. “I have been an involved Reno-ite for nearly two decades, and in my experience I have discovered that the ‘secret sauce’ of a great developer and what we bring to the market all comes down to the quality of people that work with us – and we have the highest caliber of people on our team.”

Properties ARC plans on building encompass commercial and residential Grace and Merschel plan to expand on their portfolio of successful developments that serve these diverse needs, as their current and past experience runs the gamut of mixed-use real estate development; a wide variety of commercial developments including office, retail and industrial; and residential attached and detached developments for sale and lease.  

“From civil infrastructure and business plans, we do it all at ARC,” Merschel said. “We manage all of our developments from start to finish, meaning we are a ‘one stop shop’ for all things mixed-use, residential and commercial. Our fantastic team is poised to deliver high-quality projects for all Nevadans to live, work and play.”

Projects headed by ARC Development Group will be publicly announced soon. For more information and to stay up-to-date on ARC’s future, visit arcdevgroup.com.

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