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Local meal prep company launches smoothie line (sponsored)

By Muse Group


Local meal prep company, Meal Prep Reno, is reinventing meals on-the-go with their new product line of ready-to-blend smoothie preps delivered straight to your door.

For most people, the busier life gets, the harder eating healthy gets. These smoothie cups can be enjoyed on the go and give a quick and practical alternative to buying food when there’s no time to prep at home. Meal Prep Reno delivers wholesome and nutritious options so that eating healthier becomes effortless.

It is important to have satisfying and healthy options without having to add more to your to-do list is what brought Meal Prep Reno to introduce smoothies to their menu.

“We’re so excited to start off this new year launching our smoothies,” said Josh Deri, Owner of Meal Prep Reno. “As a parent, life can get hectic, so we wanted to create an easy on-the-go and healthy option for our community!”

Smoothies can be purchased a la carte or with meal subscriptions at mealprepreno.com.

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