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A look back: Reno’s 2020 in photos

By ThisIsReno

The year 2020 is one few are likely to soon forget. It’s been a blur of changing COVID-19 restrictions and fuzzy Zoom calls, months of social distancing and social protesting, political rallies and political lawsuits, empty store shelves and empty cupboard shelves.

While the homeless were evicted from campsites, others struggled to pay their rent. As citizens raged against inequality, immigration policies, stay-at-home orders and mail-in ballots, fires raged across the West, including here in Reno.

This Is Reno’s photographers shared with us images that captured all of this and more.

Here’s our 2020 year in photos with images by Ty O’Neil, Trevor Bexon, Eric Marks, Isaac Hoops, Lucia Starbuck, Bianca Wright, Jeri Davis, Tony Contini, Nick McCabe and Bob Conrad.

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