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PHOTOS: Trump supporters rally in Carson City

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President Donald Trump’s supporters lined Carson Street yesterday for a “Stop the Steal” demonstration. Protesters argued the media is prematurely and inaccurately calling Biden as the winner of the presidential race for the 2020 General Election while there are still ballots left to be counted.

Although widespread, those claims are not supported by evidence. Some of those in attendance cursed at counter protesters and members of the news media.

There was at least one incidence of violence, documented by the Sierra Nevada Ally. Brian Bahouth of the Ally reported the following.

A man wearing a MAGA hat and carrying a flag was packing up his gear and getting ready to leave. He refused to make a comment when I asked him why he was there. Then the Proud Boys arrived.

The Proud Boys were angry that the man had rolled up his flag.

“Show a little respect,” one of them said.

A gang of five Proud Boys moved closer to the man.

“You cocksuckers are on my list,” the man yelled. “Fuck you … go get your own flag,” he shrieked and raced toward one of the Proud Boys.

The fight was short lived, Bahouth reported.

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