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More than three-quarters of Washoe County voters have cast their ballots


More than three quarters of eligible Washoe County voters have cast their ballots, according to Washoe County Registrar of Voters Deanna Spikula. According to Spikula’s office, some 14,000 Washoe County residents have cast ballots in person on Election Day. 

Spikula provided her second of three media briefings at 3:30 this afternoon. She noted that the number of mail-in ballots being received through the actual mail has been slowing over the last few days but that voters are turning in their mail-in ballots at polling and drop-off locations around the county.

“Today, we did not receive that many mail-in ballots that were actually received by mail…and the same with yesterday,” she said. “About 1,400 were received yesterday.”

With 76% of eligible voters having cast their ballots, Spikula does not expect a large rush at the polls near closing time tonight at 7 p.m. She does, however, expect some locations may have up to an hour-long wait by closing time.

According to the “Wait Times” app, all 29 of the county’s polling locations currently have wait times of less than an hour. Polls close in Nevada in three hours. Spikula’s office will not be able to release early election results until every polling location in the state has closed and she has received the go-ahead from Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske’s office.

When polls close, the registrar’s office will begin posting unofficial election results. Final results will not be available until after the canvass of the votes and are expected to be announced by 10 a.m. on Nov. 16.

Read more about what to expect on Election Day and the vote tallying process in our election guide.

Jeri Chadwell
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