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Let him drift? (opinion)


Submitted by Mike Croghan

It’s not often one gets a second chance at correcting a stupendous error, but the national media is coming up on just such an opportunity.

Clear evidence and common sense point to the fact that the nation got The Donald thanks to the media’s frenzied attention to his reality show approach to the US Presidency. Had they used good journalism and simply ignored him, he’d never have gained the voice and attention needed for his catastrophic rise to power.

In a month and some change, The Donald will exit the WH with the same grace he’s used while in it. We can guess he will follow his exit with yet more of that same grace.

What we’re left to wonder is whether the media can practice quality journalism and self-restraint. Will his faithful reporters and groupies from all shades and angles of the media again provide him the wind he needs to carry him to the dangerous horizons he is imagining for himself and the country? Or will they simply allow him to race to the bottom while America and the world heal and carry on the damage control that is critically necessary?

Mike Croghan is a retired teacher and university professor, and an active writer.

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