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Countywide survey solicits feedback on pandemic recovery (updated)


Washoe County issued two public surveys this week to gather community feedback to be used in formulating a COVID-19 recovery plan. The county’s request comes at a time that some may see as premature for recovery, as this week city officials said the region’s risk meter is the highest it’s ever been. But, officials say now is the time to plan ahead.

“The time to plan for recovery is while we are still in the middle of a crisis so we are positioned and prepared to act as we transition to a new normal,” Kelly Echeverria, Washoe County recovery manager, said. “We need to hear from our business community and residents to understand how they’ve been affected and what support is most beneficial as we move beyond this pandemic.”

The two surveys gather information specific to either business owners or residents. The business owner survey covers issues related to the economy and workforce, and officials say it’ll help them to explore “the extent of business closures and reduced services, as well as the availability of remote operations and alternative resources for supplies.”

The resident survey focuses on more personal experiences related to financial and social impacts of the pandemic. Those who respond will answer questions about activities such as grocery shopping, dining out or attending events, and gather feedback on healthcare, virus exposure and safety guidelines.

“Gathering this information now as a regional effort enables the region to be a more resilient community in the future,” the county said in a statement. “It helps identify gaps in services and resources as well as remove duplications in effort so it is important that the survey be taken by as many residents and businesses as possible.”

The surveys will remain open through at least Nov. 30, but perhaps longer the county said. To view and participate in the surveys:

Update: The link to the resident survey in English has been updated.

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