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Emergency Marianarchy: Keep Jub’s alive


Marianarchy puts family first. It started as a one-day event with 8 to 10 bands. Over the past 16 years, they’ve added a day and have featured up to 40 diverse acts.

This is the first Marianarchy in October and they moved the experience online. Three hours of premium Reno content will be released online Oct. 23 and 24 at 6:00pm on YouTube and Twitch. 

Each Marianarchy event sponsors someone in the community. This year is an emergency effort to benefit their “Jub Jub’s family.” Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor is a Reno bar/venue with tons of character and pinnacle shows.

Every year, amazing artwork, packages of band swag, crafts, and even fresh honey are available through a silent auction. This year, that process will exist online for week, deadline on the following Sunday.

Chris Fox will perform for 2020's Marianarchy.
Chris Fox will perform for 2020’s Marianarchy. Image: Tony Contini

Marianarchy Founder Nick Ramirez has been interwoven into Reno’s art scene for decades. Longevity is a trend with these folk. This week, Ramirez’s Worst Little Podcast received a shout-out from Kevin Smith, “Silent Bob” himself, for 10 years of podcasting.

Ramirez is excited for this year’s video submissions. They are diverse in style and format. Some are shot on phones, others stylized and artistic.

“That’s the charm of these streaming shows,” Ramirez said. “And that’s the cool thing about Marianarchy–it’s as eclectic as Reno’s music; punk, folk, metal, hip-hop, pirate punk, outlaw country, all skill levels. This one is special.”

Heterophobia will perform for 2020's Marianarchy.
Heterophobia will perform for 2020’s Marianarchy. Image: Tony Contini

The proceeds will go straight to helping Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor keep the lights on so local and touring bands can play. The ecosystem of the traveling performer has been completely gutted, like so many other fields during this pandemic. The virtual connection is felt more than ever.

“They haven’t been able to host touring bands or have the bar open,” Ramirez said. “Usually you have to pack the room a couple days a month to pay rent.”

Using a GoFundMe structure, they’ve raised up to $10,000 per event for their family in need.

This event is perfect for Reno locals, Reno artists, and rock n’ rollers to remember the culture, diversity, and family that surrounds us. Highlights from this year are The Deadly Gallows, Heterophobia, Sit Kitty Sit, One Ton Dually, The Grimtones, and the man, the myth, the legend, Chris Fox.

“If you don’t like rock n’ roll, then this isn’t your bag,” Ramirez said. “But if you like local bands, the art scene, and Burning Man, you’re going to love our show.”

More information is on the event’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/422087605437531.

One Ton Dually will perform for 2020’s Marianarchy. Image: Tony Contini
Tony Contini
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