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Eddy House earns EnVision Center designation (photos)

By Eric Marks
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This week Reno’s Eddy House was designated an EnVision Center, making it the first official EnVision Center in the state and only the sixth on the West Coast. EnVision Centers, a federal designation, are “centralized hubs that provide people with resources and support needed to excel.” 

Founded by Lynette Eddy in 2011, Eddy House provides basic human services for homeless youth ages 18-24 to assist them transition into stable adult lives. 

Eddy attended Thursday’s announcement, along with Regional Administrator for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Chris Patterson. Patterson described the Eddy House as “impeccable” in their efforts to improve people’s lives. 

Diaz Dixon, Eddy House’s CEO, said that the homeless problem in Reno is a “growing problem” and was excited to announce the organization’s expansion of services. The facility has added 66 additional beds in 2020.

At Eddy House young adults are assessed and a custom “case plan” is designed to address each individual’s personal needs. The facility’s goals correlate directly with the HUD EnVision Center Four Pillars mission of economic empowerment, educational advancement, health and wellness, while still maintaining a focus on affordable housing, mental health services, character and leadership skills. 

The 16,335-square-foot facility on Willow Street, which was completed earlier this year, features several community spaces such as a meditation and yoga room, small fitness area, clothing closet, computer labs and even a space to explore arts and performance based activities. The facility also offers drop in daycare, emergency overnight shelter and therapy programs.

Contributions and donations to the Eddy House can be made directly to them via their website https://eddyhouse.org/contribute

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