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RNO adds more new flights to Southern California

By ThisIsReno
Alaksa Airlines plane

Despite low passenger travel at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport due to the pandemic, air operators still have confidence in the market. That’s evidenced by yet another announcement of new service to RNO, this time by Alaska Airlines with flights to and from Palm Springs and Los Angeles. Earlier this month JSX announced hop-on flights from RNO to Hollywood Burban…

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RNO adds more new flights to Southern California
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rachel haverly September 22, 2020 - 11:30 am

That’s great but….. I noticed on the Reno City council agenda for next meeting that Alaska airlines is asking the Board of Directors for 100,000. Just in case they don’t make enough money from Dec to April? Seriously? I would like this investigated. Airlines are always getting bail-outs from government. I’m sick of Reno and Sparks giving huge tax breaks to rich companies. People cannot afford homes. People cannot afford rent. People are out of work. The City Council needs to stop the corruption that goes on here. Our School district is always broke and kids suffer. I would consider it almost like White Collar Crime in the board of Directors gave Alaska Airlines all that money! The Council should give money to schools to get air purifiers for classrooms or portable hand washing sinks. Or help the homeless.

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